Cookies CBD G Pen Gio Vape Cartridge



A signature terpene profile. A full spectrum CBD distillate. A proprietary temperature-gauged G PEN delivery system. Consistent in every detail.

Aroma: Gassy OG and strong methol with a slight gelato finish.

Taste: Musky OG menthol with a sweet exhale. Kingpen

Cookies Cbd G Pen Gio Vape Cartridge


Cookies CBD G Pen Gio Vape Cartridge, CBD Content: 175mg hemp-derived CBD
Full spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil
Contains less than 0.3% THC

Ingredients: Natural flavors, CBD distillate

Directions: Attach vape cartridge to G PEN Gio battery and inhale

Storage: Store upright in a dry place at room temperature

Batch#: 330202

SKU: 840071901789

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